Ideas to say thank you do not get much simpler than this:
Have a pizza delivered.    ;-)

While you are creating those cards and banners that say thanks, you can also design some Thank You signs! Make them big and bold to really get the appreciation across. Put them up anywhere you think they might be seen! In your front yards, in your windows, on street corners, on cars, etc. Putting a couple up right in front of where they go to work each day is a wonderful thing to do as well!
Remember, signs in car windows need to be small! Don’t risk needing them on the day we are thanking them!

Here’s a thank you idea for the creative side of you: Deliver gift baskets that you’ve created. They can be filled with cheerful crafts made by kids, games and puzzles or things to pass the time between calls, movie DVDs and popcorn or any other creative ideas you have. Go bold and wild, or quite and understated. No matter which direction that creative side of you decides to go, it’s guaranteed fun for everyone. ;-)

Here’s another thank you idea! –
When we are out shopping we often see people selling items (like Girl Scout cookies) in front of a one of the places we shop at. An idea is to purchase one of the boxes of cookies, mints, popcorn, etc. and ask them to set it aside and give it to the next First Responder that stops by. It’s a fun surprise to plan out. ;-)
(Purchases can also be delivered to them personally)

A signed proclamation that makes May 19th National Thank You Day to Honor First Responders really makes a statement!
Often getting any proclamation signed takes a bit of work and this may be a good one to start for National Thank You Day 2016, but it’s so, so easy that most mayors and Governors will jump at the chance to sign something like this. They are doing something that will make a difference that everyone can see is the right thing to do.
The process of getting one signed is simple. Here are a couple places that, even though the subject of the proclamations is different than ours, they explain the process well:
You can also Email the Thank You Day committee at Markellyc@comcast.net for an example of one that’s been signed that you can modify as needed to use in your area.

A signed proclamation gets us one step closer to getting National Thank You Day to Honor First Responders on calendars everywhere!

Another idea for all you party animals…. Throw a Thank You party! Invite everyone! Then invite all the First Responders in the area to join you! Many local facilities have meeting rooms that you can rent for free. Libraries, community centers, businesses with meeting rooms, etc. Many Fire Stations even have rooms available to the public for their meetings and events. Get ready by setting up tables for food and snacks, and another table with blank thank you cards for people to design and then sign. You can even have a podium put up and schedule a time for speakers to come up and share the importance of this day.
The local media can be invited as well! They LOVE events like this!
A ton of fun for everyone!

This video is filled with ideas that have been done in years past…


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