We’ve had an amazing number of pictures come in of the awesome things you all are doing to thank the First Responders out there!! I’m sorry it’s taken us out of the loop a bit as far as sending out notes to all of you, but here is one we’ve been thinking about for a few days….

We wanted to remind you that the deadline to get your pictures to me with an address and the number of patches to send enclosed in the same email is MONDAY!
We want to place the order for them on Tuesday so we get them then out to you, as soon as we can. It’s very near the end of the year for all troop and group meetings and I know you’d like to hand them out before the last meeting. All envelopes will be addressed so patches will hit the post office the day after they get here. Not sure exactly what date is that they will get here, but unfortunately we are slaves to the patch makers timeline. It’s been about 2 weeks in the past though.

We do have a request: Please keep all picture attachments, number of patches needed, and the address to send them to in the same email. We are getting multiple emails with the same pictures but different addresses and number of patches needed. Please work together to come up with one email that covers the needs of your troop.

A few of you have asked the question: Do you need the photos as proof that we’ve done what it takes to get the patches? The answer is No. We don’t need proof of what you say you’ve done. We trust that all of you have gotten into the spirit of thanking these amazing people. The reason we ask for photos is so we have more to show everyone in every state the fun we are having showing First Responders how much we appreciate they have decided to do what they do. Basically we are bribing you to help us “advertize” the day. ;-)

So, with this said, we do know some out there didn’t get pictures. Phones get dropped in bowls of water or cameras walk off. Please don’t let that stop you from trying to do what it takes to get photos! We’ve got the weekend left! (you can even tell me all about what you’ve done and promise to do it again next year, and we’ll see what we can do)

So, to everyone that has blown our National Thank You Day committee’s socks off with what you’ve done, THANK YOU!!

Kelly Avery Clark
May 19th – National Thank You Day
To Honor First Responders

Here’s a idea that tells a First Responder thank you in a way that makes a difference for the whole city.
Most Fire and Police Stations have help that come in to keep the grounds cleaned and spruced up. Often though, since it’s not a daily service, litter appears here and there and a few weeds might get missed. Another Thank You idea for First Responders in your area is to stop by and pick up any litter, pull those few weeds, sweep walkways, and anything else that might help keep things spiffy.

Get businesses involved in saying Thank You!
Thank you cards or gift baskets can be filled with goodies donated by local businesses. Stop by and ask if they’d like to help show appreciation to the First Responders in your area. Gift cards from local coffee shops, plants and flowers from the gardening center or nurseries, free car washes in a basket full of car care products, coupons for discounts on services, samples of goods…..
The list of possibilities and the creative things you can do with them are endless! Not only is it very good advertizing for these businesses, it delivers a nice Thank you as well!

Publicly praising someone who performs a service for you is a great way to say Thank You!
A small “advertisement” in the local paper, in newsletters for local organizations, or even in the program for a theater performance really makes a statement. A message of appreciation on the Internet, a letter to the editor of the local paper, even a Thank You note pinned up on bulletin boards in public places are a wonderful way to say Thank You to the First Responders in your community!

Here’s an idea for those that are short on their 15 minutes of fame… Sing a song, create a short skit, deliver a speech, or even tell some good jokes. Then – film it! Upload it and send the link to every First Responder out there! Your Thank You video can also be shared on Facebook and other social media places as well! This will be something they can hit the replay button over and over again! ;-)

The media LOVES a story like this! Call them, email them, submit a breaking news alert on their web sites. Let them know when and where you plan to be, what you plan to do there and WHY. Then get back to planning your Thank You card delivery, fine tune the details of the meal you plan to cook for them, put bows on the treat bags, and so on. You might be surprised when delivery day comes. A local TV news station or a reporter for a local paper might meet you there! Not only will more people hear about what we are doing, you might get a few minutes of fame out of it!

Ideas for what you can do to show your appreciation to First Responders are all over the place! If you need some inspiration, do an internet search on “Do a good turn daily”, “Random acts of kindness” or “Pay it forward”. You’ll net tons of ideas!
There are many, many people in our lives that deserve our appreciation on a daily basis, and these searches will inspire saying Thank You to everyone in our lives.
Saying Thank You to First Responders is the name of the game that can start all the fun! ;-)


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